STORMFRONT, pt. 2 – “he’s a faggy Geek Boi, that will eventually be slaughtered by negroes”

At least we both agree it’s a shame, Stormfront.

This is going to be a weird one.

My first post about Stormfront was picked up by Stormfront itself in 11 hours. The topic was initially called “Some retard named Tom Walker”; The bulk of the anger came from my referring to the forum as “White Supremacist” rather than the more accurate “White Nationalist” (think “all spaghetti is pasta, not all pasta is spaghetti”): once I’d corrected that, the topic’s name was eventually ameliorated to “A nobody named Tom Walker”.

That is far more accurate, but it doesn’t change the material inside.

“A nobody named Tom Walker” currently stands at 16 pages. In it I am described as “a classic race traitor”, “a confused ethnophobe and xenomaniac”, “100% mangina” (I am in fact a delicious mangina concentrate), “Mr Wanker” and, my favourite, “oversocialized, feminine and alienated” which is a ready-made show title come Sydney Comedy Festival time. It’s all predictably nasty: I can’t have any racial slurs against me because, y’know, white guy, but I’m brainwashed, weak-willed, stupid and, more often than not, gay.

There’s a slight dissonance over whether I will or will not actually like being raped and used by “negroids” before my inevitable murder but no-one really stops to debate it. The population of Stormfront gets together and assumes that once the racial shit hits the multicultural fan, I will be incredibly busy being raped by “negroids”. With that date coming ever closer I’d better get my last writing done before it hits.

S.S. Lazio sarcastically argues against the label “supremacist”. He also has an avatar of Julius Streicher, a prominent Nazi propagandist who was executed at Nuremberg for crimes against humanity. Streicher shouted “Heil Hitler!” at the bottom of the gallows.

I lack gonads. I’m so feminized that I have, in fact, become a woman, and taken the natural instinct that all of the stupidest women have: bend over and let racial others invade me.

Of course, I’m missing major points: is it rape if I, and non-WN women, “want to be used”? As a feminized man I receive the same mix of pity and hate than non-WN women get, as well as their predicted violent, sexual comeuppance. Sexual violence is threatened again and again here, at arm’s length, doled out by Others as the natural consequence of betraying the White Race.

Sexual violence is a common thread in racialist dialogue. That avatar above, featuring Julius Streicher, couldn’t be more appropriate: Streicher was executed at Nuremberg for his part in manufacturing Nazi Germany’s hatred of the Jewish people. His paper, Der Stürmer (slogan: The Jews Are Our Misfortune), ran cartoons depicting Jews as sex-crazed monsters who preyed on ethnically German women, either taking them for themselves or forcing them into prostitution.

Sexualised violence and patriarchal concern for women (who either can’t protect themselves or are stupid enough to mistake whatever cluster of negatives this particular minority has as exotic or masculine) is what I expected from far right anger. I think it’s kind of cute that I, as a feminized man, get the same treatment. One poster builds an image of me from what they know:

I’m an only child; that is not what keeps me from inherently connecting physical abuse and sexual harrassment with “nonWhites”.

(I could spend a long time on that word, “nonWhites”. The sole capitalization of Whites, clearly the primary word, the blanket other-ing of the “nons”, the pointed lack of hyphenation… I’m constantly in danger of Sherlock Holmes-ing this, of zeroing in on the tiny details of the Internet community in front of me, deducing from a ruffled kerchief, a nervous tic, a piece of moss embedded on a shoe that the man holds racialist views while the man is loudly shouting the words “I HATE JEWS”.)

This is a wilfully ignorant statement that identifies multiculturalism as the sole cause of sexual abuse. It seems cheap to bring up Josef Fritzl but oh, look, there he is, underlined with a hyperlink to make you remember the horrific crimes he committed, a Wikipedia page that will make you want to cry, and here is the link to the page that concludes that upwards of 71% of reported rapes being committed by family members, friends, acquaintances or partners. If those are too general, what about the Catholic Church’s well-known scandals (one of which is developing in Australia even now, overseas readers) and the Actual Truth that white people commit sexual assault and rape too? Oh Jesus Christ, look, a statistic drawn from a 1997 U.S. Department of Justice analysis of sex offenses and offenders saying 60% of reported rapes are committed by Caucasian males.

Rape is constantly Othered on Stormfront: that is, it’s made a crime that “nonWhites” (that word, that word!) commit exclusively, to the extent where the mere presence of the “nonWhite”, the Other, is a guarantee of rape. It is not a white crime. Whites and nonWhites mixing brings a guarantee of sexual violence against the White. These crimes are atrocious acts of inhumanity and brutality but focussing on the ethnicity of the women and of the attackers (white attacking “nonWhite”) turns these awful, evil acts into tools to prove a point. The crimes are cheapened down to incendiary talking points, pointed at as proof of the barbarity of other races and the inevitable failure of multiculturalism while analogous crimes that could interfere with this narrative of decay and ruination are ignored.

I spent so much time trying to reason out these arguments, then I encounter stuff like this:

“…any right-thinking American would have to agree the wrong side won WW2.”

And I realize that this high level of communal narrative can’t be interfered with. It’s so firmly entrenched as common-sensical, as “of-course-this-is-how-things-are” that dissenters can be handwaved as brainwashed or weak-willed, unwilling to see the harsh reality or the great conspiracy beneath all this.

After a while of reading the comment dialogue currently posted on my blog (which vaccilates between three main strains of internet pseudo-intellectualism, vague threats and anecdotal evidence) I get tired. The main talking points coming out of it are these:

  • Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.
  • Whites are being genocided in Europe and worldwide.

Let’s deal with these.

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white” is a mantra that’s been posted repeatedly even on my original post (5 times total if you ctrl + F). It’s catchy. It’s punchy.

It’s a fucking mindless catch phrase.

It’s a way to escape the label of the bad guy and reaffirm that personal narrative, the narrative that the White Race and the modern white person are under threat, the same as with the focus on violent and sexual crimes. It’s part of a list of buzzwords and slogans that includes “Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for Everyone” and it’s a transparent effort to claim moral highground on a liberal point of view by showing that discrimination against white racists is secretly “anti-White”.

This slogan is the reason SF can, without even blushing, refer to people who disagree with their views as “anti’s”.

It’s also an attempt at constructing a White Nationalist meme, a viral recruiting tool. This catchphrase has its own song and a video clip that has been uploaded to YouTube en masse by people who believe it, loaded as it is with stock photography and Windows Movie Maker techniques. This one features an attempt to drum up hits by namedropping PSY’s Gangnam Style in the vid title:

The New Racism is pretty much Scooter’s “The Logical Song” but with lyrics referencing a genocide that doesn’t exist. Watch out for: the link to a UN convention in an attempt to justify the term “genocide” and a montage of “nonWhites” followed by a montage of crying white children.

“Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white” was manufactured on Stormfront as a self-consciously inflammatory mantra to spark discussion and sow doubt in pluralism and liberalism. “Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white” masterfully lays the burden of discrimination on the anti-racists, accusing them of being the true racists after all in a twist worthy of the Twilight Zone or Repercussions of Evil. It’s a recruiting strategy that puts a foot in the door by casting liberalism and pluralism as insidious evils and, on a basic level, it’s a very well-played “nuh-uh, YOU are!” that’s hard to defend against because at its core, it doesn’t say much at all.

Secondly, Whites are being genocided in Europe and worldwide.

Dictionary Break: Genocide is the deliberate, systematic destruction of a group, whether that group be racial, ethnic, religious or national.

Deliberate and systematic, so likely enacted by a third party or parties.

I do not believe there is a deliberate and systematic plot in place to exterminate white populations worldwide.

To put it another way: there is no deliberate and systematic extermination of white populations worldwide.

Mixed race children come from sex, not a program to eliminate white people. Immigration is not the result of a desire to push white people out of “their countries”, it is the result of immigration. White people are not being targeted for extermination. No genocide is happening. White people have recessive genes, it’s true, but the reduction of visible white characteristics in the offspring of part-white mixed race couples is not the same thing as a genocide because genocides are planned and enacted.

People are blaming the Jews, the Zionists behind major corporations and banks who hold power and use blackmail, extortion and violence to pass immigration policies.

At the core of my being I don’t believe that any portion of humanity is capable of flawlessly executing a plan as gigantic as the plans that White Nationalists hold Zionists, multiculturalists and liberals to account for. I don’t think that highly of our organization as a species, or our reliability, or our fickleness or our capacity for keeping secrets.

I was told that I should start a thread on Stormfront’s “Opposing Views” subforum. Here is a tiny peak into Stormfront’s “Opposing Views” subforum:

And here is the start of the ambitiously named topic “I Think Being Nazi Is A Bad Idea”:

Complete with a hard-hitting red thumbs down at the top just to drive the point home.

I’m not going to start a topic there. The rest of the forum is largely White Nationalists bravely tackling dangerous strawmen, such as the topic “For you Black folk that HATE us White folk” which has gone two pages without receiving a single non-Stormfront response; thus far it is entirely SFers posting angry rhetorical questions aimed at black people who have not arrived.

I will still do a follow-up post on Stormfront because it is a fascinating community. The contrast between the core matter behind everything on Stormfront (bein’ white) and minutiae like the White Nationalist-approved races of World of Warcraft tickles me just right. I find the site very, very funny: its pedantry, its attempts to live around majorly conservative views that dictate what icecream they can buy, what brands they can trust, what TV they can watch and genuinely enjoy. Also, outside White Nationalists themselves (who up until my last post were not my primary audience), many don’t know it exists, especially on the left wing. I think any liberal should. It’s an important window into views that in a left-leaning bubble all too often get forgotten. You should know your ideological enemy’s arguments and viewpoints before they deploy them against you.

I have fought a churlish urge to go through the thread and correct judgments on my sexuality and my ideals of beauty but you know what, anime sucks.

More than that, though, I’ve made a penpal and we’re writing to each other right now.

The retard-nobody change was submitted by Scott Ernest A.K.A Mjodr, a White Nationalist who currently holds the record for the most amount of comments on this site, and who, on page 3 of Stormfront’s thread about me, posted this disarmingly lovely image:

*~soothing waterfall sounds~*

That photo was taken at Glacier National Park, ~20 km from where Scott lives. He’s a part of a Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) settlement over there, in his words, “a community of people of European descent (White people) within close proximity to each other. The people in this community look out for one another… help one another”. I’ve been in contact with Scott both in this site’s comments and via email, hoping for an interview on living in the PLE; in our third email exchange he told me he was the one who started the petition for Montana to secede from the United States of America.

Throughout the thread Scott was very polite: surprising on any forum, more so for Stormfront and even more so for someone who I met when he made fun of the way I look and calling me a retard. When I changed the title and body of my article to remove the word “Supremacist” in favour of the far more accurate “Nationalist”, he apologized that he couldn’t change the title of the thread immediately to remove the word “retard”.

When people on SF compared me to Dwight Schrute, he responded like this:

On page 6 of the thread he announces he has to leave his computer, tired and seeing double, and drive home: for a brief instant the thread becomes White Nationalists giving one of their own smilies, heartfelt good wishes and driving advice.

He even made this post (the top post):

And, interviewing him now, I’m very glad he’s taken the time to talk to me. I’ll be posting our dialogue here soon.

I am happy to have made a penpal.


About Tom Walker

Tom Walker is a writer and comedian.
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19 Responses to STORMFRONT, pt. 2 – “he’s a faggy Geek Boi, that will eventually be slaughtered by negroes”

  1. rafi alam says:

    Question: do Stormfront members generally hate Jews or blacks more?

  2. Darthkuriboh says:


    You still don’t get it. It’s not about “hate.” Sure, some of us do hate all Jews, Blacks, Mestizos etc with a burning passion. Most of us hate the individuals that are causing the problems, along with the GROUP of Zionists who basically run every white nation into the ground. They force third world immigration on only white nations, stating we HAVE to take muslims and africans in, otherwise we’re evil and racist. This has been a propaganda effort stretching out over DECADES. They have been reaching into the minds of our parents children, and of our children. I was one such who was completely brainwashed into multiculturalism and degeneracy. I recovered, THANKS to my wife (Elle) and Stormfront. Since then, I’ve done a ton of research, and they are RIGHT.

    You don’t hear about crimes against whites by non-whites on the mainstream media. When the rare white on non-white crime happens, it’s plastered everywhere for weeks on end. If they want to blame a white when whites weren’t involved in any way, they just change the race of the perpetrator.

    You don’t hear about the muslim grooming gangs in Europe. They are kidnapping and grooming white girls as young as 10 10 years old and being groomed as muslims sex slaves. You know how they groom? Repeated rape and violence. This is common practice against “Infidels,” and is even encouraged in the Quran.

    Watch this video. It explains every single thing that’s happening in white countries RIGHT NOW, and was exposed to the world over 100 years ago:

    Zionists want everyone to believe that the protocals are a forgery, a fake. They want everyone to believe that so that nobody will believe that it IS their master plan. The master plan that is unfolding as we speak: Corruption of the nations, extermination of the white race, the forced spreading of a violent cult (islam) into non-islamic countries, the open borders, eventually leading into Global Bolshevism. Think the USSR on a global scale. That’s what we’re heading into RIGHT NOW unless people stand up and fight. So far, we’re the only ones who are. Outnumbered, mocked, ridiculed, we stand and fight. The life we save,,, it may be yours.

    • Roberto says:

      If you’re not a Jew already you’ll bemoce one just so a guy will touch your dick, YOU FAGGOT JESUS-KILLING MOTHERFUCKER!!!! Go back to your dreidel-shaped bank.

  3. Darthkuriboh says:

    Another thing I forgot to mention… You wish to mock the mantra… When we say “anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white,” you have to look at the context. When people scream racism, it’s usually because at a white person. Said white person doesn’t even have to have done anything or been racist. All he has to do is stand against any racial entitlement programs or social entitlement programs (such as affirmative action,), or not wanting a neighborhood he grew up in to become a third world cess pit of crime and degeneracy. You NEVER hear this cried at a non-white. There are so many stories of whites (especially white women) raped and/or murdered by non-whites (mainly muslims and blacks, but some hispanics, too) but you NEVER hear the media cry out “HATE CRIME!!” Question multiculturalism though, and you’re on the SPLC’s list of hate mongers. Question the almighty holohoax, of which there is ample evidence NEVER HAPPENED, and you’re branded an anti-semite. Question the Zionist masters of the world, and you’re branded an anti-semite. Only if you’re white, though.

    That’s what the mantra means. People say anti-racism, they mean anti-white. The word racist and the word anti-semite are automatically applied to whites and only whites at birth and never removed, no matter how brainwashed we get. They’ve added a new one now, “Islamaphobe.” These are people who don’t want their families raped, murdered, kidnapped, or otherwise destroyed by muslims. The word Islamaphobe is now automatically applied to every white in existence, including you. Racism? You. Anti-semite? You. Homophobe? You, unless you’re gay. These are all brainwashing tools used to push whites and ONLY whites into accepting these things that are NOT natural for us to have to accept.

    There was a study done a while back, with 2-3 year old children. They took children from every race, and placed them into a room full of toys. Every single child gravitated to their OWN race and stuck with their own. The white children shared. Asian children shared. Only with each other, though. Arab, Black, and Hispanic children all hit each other. This is because this is the nature of the beast, so to speak. The nature of humanity. We were all in different areas because that’s where we were MEANT to be. Europe for whites, Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, Arabia for Arabians. That’s really all there is to it. If every group were where they were supposed to be, there would NEVER be any racism, Chew on that for a while.

    • Tom Walker says:

      Wanna link me to that study because as a former White Child I know they are arseholes and that is some seriously bullshit data

    • Anonymous says:

      While you’re providing links to substantiate your many spurious claims, I would just love to see this “ample evidence” that the holocaust never happened.

      • Truman says:

        What’s the point? Are you genuinely curious about Holocaust Revisionism and are open-minded to their points of view? Because I can provide links to various sources that support the three main things Holocaust Revisionists believe but unless there is a chance you are open to changing your stance on the ‘Holocaust’, based on Revisionist evidence, I can’t really be bothered linking you to anything.

      • Scott K . Ernest says:

        Why don’t you provide actual proof that the Holohoax really happened? As I have told Tom, I am not a fan of Nazis, and I don’t think they did good things. But there is no actual proof, only anecdotes, that they did everything people say.

        Yet, there is tons of proof for false accusations. One famous holohoax picture was actually a train wreck in the US, and someone drew dead bodies on it. They then claimed it was an actual picture taken in Europe.

        Then there are the colored smoke, Jewfat soap, people being saved from death at the last minute because the gas chamber was full (if they were killing people, they’d just cram them in there), Mengele being in 10 cities at the very same time, lampshades, etc..

        All that was proven fake, but is still a part of Shoah business.

        How is it there were less Jews in Nazi occupied Germany than 6,000,000… yet somehow 6,000,000 were killed, and there are still 200,000+ survivors 70 years later?

        That is very bad math.

        So again, as I am not a fan of Nazis. Why don’t you prove things to me? Why is it we have to prove a negative all the time? You should prove the positive.

    • Gary says:

      My instincts tell me that when you have Woody Allen type film diorcter promoting race mixing and “young love”, then chances that he is Jew are like 100%.This is surely a massive compliment.

  4. Icecut2 says:

    The signature symptom of CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning is the bright pink or cherry red discoloration of the corpse. Zyklon B was (allegedly) used at Auschwitz only. The other ‘death camps’ used CO produced by diesel engines. Please explain why of all the eyewitnesses described the color of the cadavers as anything ranging from white to polka dots but not one eyewitness described the cadavers as being red.

    Please explain how diesel engines produced enough CO to kill hundreds ‘in twenty five minutes or less’ as claimed at Treblinka. Note that diesel engines produce so little CO that they are routinely used in underground mining operations. Please explain why other means of murder such as steam, (poached Jews) vacuum chambers, (Jews sucked to death) or, my personal favorite, the Jew dunking tilt a whirl are no longer espoused by the hoaxers.

    For more information on the above, visit F.P. Berg’s site, Nazi gassing dot com. BTW, did you know, Tom, that there aren’t any actual signed orders to commence the great genocide? According to Raul Hilberg, the premier holyhoax historian, the order was given via telepathy. You do believe in the paranormal, don’t you Tom?

    • Hatmanone says:

      All those methods of execution can be confirmed by reading Jewish ‘testimonies’ in the Nuremberg transcripts. Great post by the way. My personal favorites are the ‘electrified floors’ at Bergen-Belsen and the ‘vacuum chamber’; which was a chamber that Jews were put in then a machine would ‘suck the air out’ leaving the Jews to suffocate due to lack of oxygen.

      Trying to Google some of these execution methods comes up with very little and vague results, which to me means the Jews today are embarrassed about those claims and are trying to phase them out, Which would also explain why nowadays we only hear about ‘gas chambers’ and ‘Auschwitz’, as gas chambers are more believable and ‘Auschwitz’ is the most ‘famous’ camp.

      • Icecut2 says:

        Thank you, Hatmanone. I’m especially charmed that the Nuremberg trials, the very foundation of the holyhoax, was called a ‘sanctimonious fraud’ and a ‘high grade lynching’ by none other than Harlan Stone, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

        One of the ‘highlights’ of those proceedings occurred when an eyewitness was testifying that a camp guard had murdered his brother when the accused pointed out that the alleged victim, the eyewitness’ brother was, in fact, very much alive and sitting in the visitors section of the courtroom.

        Well, it looks as though ‘anonymous’ has left the building but he did say that he wanted some ‘evidence’. Hey, ‘anonymous’, yez gotta’ be careful what yez ask for from us evilnaziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews. LOL

  5. becolt says:

    As a conservative/libertarian I find it demoralizing how often race is injected into political issues, let alone connected with my ideology. Consider that most often those making the connection are politicians and media attempting to smear the other side for the purpose of obtaining votes rather than the voters themselves coming to their own conclusions about policies (that are generally entirely unrelated). Suppose it’s a nice way of diverting attention from those very policies, however.

  6. Amy says:

    To all the Holocaust deniers: how on earth do you assume that giant concentration camps, thousands of witnesses, photographs and various other evidence were fabricated in such a short time? How do you suppose they were not caught? Even supposing Jews were the Magnificent Bastards you claim to be, anyone short of a country would lack resources to do this.

  7. The Space Between the Stars says:

    One day 9/11 will be a myth as well. Give it time.


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