STORMFRONT, The World’s Largest White Nationalist Forum

UPDATE: I posted this blog post at ~11 a.m. today, 1/11/2012, and by ~10 pm it had been posted on Stormfront’s “Newslinks and Articles” forum. The main objection seems to be that I called them “White Supremacists” rather than “White Nationalists” (it’s in inverted commas in the thread’s title); in the post I’ve changed all references to White Supremacists to White Nationalists, which is what Stormfront bills itself as. This change is a considered one: mainly because I don’t want to be accused of representing Stormfront falsely.

There are supremacists, separatists, and, as far as I can see, as many different views as there are members on Stormfront. My post made it seem as if it was all White Supremacists. This change is done more from journalistic concern rather than a concern about offending the users of Stormfront.

I definitely spent more time on this than I did any other aspect of this blog post

We should talk about Stormfront.

When I was eight I desperately wanted an ant farm. I wanted to watch a society function in mugshot profile, see its secrets laid out in front of me, wanted to be able to look through glass and think “ah-ha, ants, this is where you keep your eggs” and “oh-ho, ants, this is why you hate the Jews”.

This is artlessly analogous to my fascination with the world’s largest White Nationalist website. Especially the business with the Jews.

Think of Stormfront as Racist White Google. It’s the campfire “racial realists” (their term) gather around to tell ghost stories about minority encounters, Johnny Law and shadowy conspiracies. On Stormfront people live their lives around a big, ugly, all-consuming hate, and you need to come with me and resist the urge to tap on the glass. These are real people, people with views I find singularly awful and close-minded and paranoid but real people nonetheless, linking each other cat pictures and race hate.

Thing is this is your complaint for every WWII movie hey

When I first visited Stormfront it looked terrifyingly efficient. There were the ominously named forums for “Strategy & Tactics” and “Self Defense, Martial Arts and Preparedness”, the forums organized by country and region and, more than anything, the sheer number of racists, the numbers beside each forum showing me how many White Nationalists were online at any given time looking for advice on martial arts and weaponry. As I write this it’s midnight and at least 21 racist Australians are talking to each other, probably with one hand supporting their tired, racist heads, typing about the news and non-whites and non-whites in the news. Han_solo is congratulating hatemonger on his great idea.

Great idea, Hatemonger. Let's all go out for a round of frosty chocolate milkshakes

Then you realize that just like the rest of the internet, everyone is a lot worse at this whole “togetherness” thing than you expected. Even racists don’t like other racists. Arguments that would on other forums be about hardcore gamerdom or the amount of weight each man could lift are here about who is a True White, who is a “mudshark” (a white who fraternizes with non-whites; cf. “Mudblood”). Flame wars start with accusations of non-whiteness, definitions of slurs and hate-jargon are argued over:

Well I for one am not going to throw away 30 years of truly awful tradition

Who’d have thought that someone who still used the term jungle fever would be anti-change?

A sticky’d forum topic purports to have rebuttals for 120 Liberal Arguments. Reminded of the pack of 100 Greatest Pick Up Lines I got from my fun uncle in year 10, I click on it, wondering what it will feel like to suddenly become a racist 240 sentences later:

Comebacks 1-60 are "C'maaaaaahn"

I have no idea who has ever started an argument with Point 64. [TomNote: I had a joke here about the numbering of the arguments but then Stormfronter british74 stated that the numbers are references to pages in a book rather than contiguous argument listings. On the upside, it was a pretty shitty joke] I leave the topic unconverted and with the bizarre sensation that I’ve just read a terrible, terrible play.

Worgen are literally werewolves and are white in that every full moon they transform into ravenous predators

A thread about World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s ubiquitous timesink, exists so Stormfronters will know which races are White Nationalist approved. Apologists try to make cases for their orc characters (green-skinned, jut-toothed, pig-nosed) by saying “well, if you read into the lore, they actually have honour and are a strong independent people, free of barbarism”, and they then genuinely finish those arguments with “unlike the blacks”.

DO you have a secret fetish for being a Jew who is directly at war with the White races because if so I can just say that we DO NOT LIKE YOU

Stormfront has its own dedicated “High Fantasy & Lord of the Rings” subforum, nestled between advice on preparation for the coming race wars and sticky’d posts limply banning swastikas in forums avatars and signatures (for image purposes, because even right-thinking American white people can still hate the Nazis). No devoted sci-fi forum: in sci-fi, race isn’t an issue any more, certainly not the way it is in Lord of the Rings where a devoted Stormfronter can watch a film pitting an all white fellowship against the animalistic, tribal and above all black “other” of the orcs, goblins and Uruk’Hai. Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts talk about trying to stealthily convert fellow roleplayers to their side by making orcs a demonstrably inferior race, by making all the party’s allies Aryan elves, by making players wipe out settlements of mixed race abominations to progress.

This stuff DOES write itself this is going to be the easiest NaNoWriMo EVER GO NAZIS

Steampunk is claimed as a “white aesthetic movement” because nothing says Ubermensch like cogs, moustaches and Britain. If you don’t know it, this is Steampunk:


Steampunk harkens back to a better age, before Affirmative Action, Political Correctness and most of all, Rap Music. Of course, who’s forgotten the Golden Age of Victorian England? The time of Child Labour In Mines, No Penicillin For Anyone and Loads Of Murdered Prostitutes, with a blessed absence of Rap Music for all.

I browse Stormfront because, for one, I want to keep informed with my local racists. Sure there’s often a smugness to it, like in 2008 when Barack Obama won the Presidency and the site sputtered with rage for a split second before the massive tide of racists angry with “The Obamanation” took it offline, but mainly (I hope) it’s because I want to understand. I want to know what it’s like to live with Hate, to have it over your shoulder and at the back of your mind.

And, of course…

The WN version of Facebook is a lot less accepting this is surprising to me as a racist

I want to know what it’s like when your culture of hate doesn’t particularly like you, either.


This is part 1 of 2 (maybe more, honestly) of a series on the author’s regrettably continuing fascination with Stormfront.

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Tom Walker is a writer and comedian.
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  2. MinisterFredE says:

    You have no idea what you’re talking about, it’s not a Supremacist forum, yes there are some supremacists posting but most of us are Separatists we want to live away from non-Whites, but our idiot governments are not giving us that choice by importing as many non-Whites as they can & cramming them in on top of us.

    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

    Anti-Racist is code for Anti-White.

    • Tom Walker says:

      Hi Fred,

      Cool, I made a quick note up the top and removed the blanket references to “Supremacists”, going with the “Nationalist” description. Would you care to do an interview with me if you feel the site’s been misrepresented? Can be a simple internet chat set-up. I’m guessing you’re in England based on your SF profile so time difference would be a factor, but happy to work around it for whatever’s good for you.


      • MinisterFredE says:

        Thanks Tom.

      • Lee says:

        Try posting some of the intelligent comments from SF. You are simply posting the egregious ones. Better yet, try some of the posters at AmRen. By the way, it’s perfectly reasonable for a group of people to not want to be ethnically and biologically replaced by foreign immigrants.

  3. Dave says:

    MinisterFredE, can you please provide us with the link where the separatist Dungeonmaster tries to secure the future for White Children by converting his players to definitely-not-supremacism separatism? I need tips for my own campaign,

    thanks in advance, <3 Dave.

  4. Goody says:

    Yep, because only whites are racist

    Other groups are not racist. EVER

    White men are evil, UNLESS they can somehow prove that they are good by humiliating their fellow racist whites

    Meanwhile, in the real world, blacks support racist blacks, chinese support han supremacism in China, Japan is for Japanese people only, even moderate arabs are tolerant of islamism

    But thank you Tom!! You have proved that you are not THEM evil racist ones!!! you are one of the few good whites, the whites working for a world where they will happily live in nations that they will not control any longer!

    Nothing is more fun than knowing that you will no longer control your own future!!! I am sure the new majority will treat us just fine, just like the new black rule in South Africa is treating whites just fine!

    WHAT?? Genocide Watch declared genocide imminent for afrikaaners in South Africa… er… LOL, at least we will be GOOD whites!! Genocided by a hostile government but at least we are BETTER and SUPERIOR to those evil white racists!


    • Joel Einstein says:

      Tom is your classic example of a race traitor. He thinks that by apologizing and sucking up to the black, jewish, communists that he mixes with they’ll treat him better when the time comes.
      The Elders of Zion aren’t going to treat him any different from the rest of us.
      Don’t say we didn’t warn you Tom.

    • A Fraser says:

      Hi Goody

      You make a good point that racist attitudes crop up in many races, and racism isn’t owned by ‘white’ men (dammit! Can’t we even have that!?) – Tom doesn’t like racism and happens to be ‘white’. As such, he addresses the racism of white men. Maybe if Tom were black (god forbid), he would argue against black racism.

      Did you know that in the US Census, people of Irish descent used to be considered non-whites and an inferior race? Just a side note. I’m sure it’s not relevant.



    • Next time us Union boys come down South, we won’t leave a single one of you traitors to this nation alive. Remember that.

  5. Scott K . Ernest says:

    Tom, this is Mjodr. I would be nice and change my thread title to, get rid of the retard.. but it isn’t so easy for me. Maybe the mods will get around to it. Thank you for changing the thread title. That is a good was to annoy us.

  6. Scott K . Ernest says:

    You can tell I should be in bed asleep with that shitty grammar.

    • Tom Walker says:

      Ahahaha all good Scott. For someone I politically and philosophically disagree with on any number of levels you are incredibly polite and the posting of the relaxation picture in the thread was the best.

      Holy shit I actually laughed out loud at that.

      Your comment of “If you want [...] to sit dumbfounded at things you don’t understand… like Tom does, you come here” is pretty much on the money; if any SF member feels like the site has been misrepresented (including yourself or Minister Fred E) I’m happy to interview on G-Chat or wherever’s best.

      • Scott K . Ernest says:

        I have no problem answering questions anywhere. My computer is dead so I only have an iPad. Have you thought of making a thread in opposing views? You would get lots of interviews at once then. If you are respectful, most of us would be respectful back. There are always those that get annoyed at any opposing view.. But… not much can be done about that.

        BTW, for opposing views, you do not have to even make an account. Just create a thread.

      • Scott K . Ernest says:

        BTW that picture is a location 20 miles where I am laying with my head on one arm. It is in Glacier National Park… I am 8 miles from the west gate.

      • Tom Walker says:

        It is a very impressive view!

        I’ll look into the Opposing Views forum some time when it’s not so late, thanks for the recommendation. I see by your other blog that you were interested in moving to an EPL last year and googling Glacier National Park I’d guess you followed that up and moved there; I’d love to talk to you about the community there, and your experience living there, if you’d be up for that. Are you still contactable by that email (it’s a one)?

      • Anonymous says:

        Have you ever researched some of the more important things that are said on SF? Like thinking they are bad for things said about Jews. Have you looked into why? Do people on SF just bring this out of thin air because they want to hate someone? Are curtain facts that SF points out wrong? Have you researched the other side? And if so how are they wrong. Can you take a real challenge that will require alot of research or are you just here too sound smart and run your mouth without doing the work

  7. Scott K . Ernest says:

    That blog is old and technically unused. My email is currently different. You may be able to get to it from my YouTube channel fatguyinmontana.

    But yes, I am in the Kalispell PLE.

  8. Hansen says:

    Dear Stormfront member “FTW2012″:

    I just wanted to say that “horra against the torra” is a delightful phrase.

    I mean don’t get me wrong, I still oppose everything you stand for and vice versa. But yeah, “horra against the torra” sounds like it’d be a great B grad Nazisploitation film from the 70′s.

  9. WhiteRabbit says:

    “Anti-Racists” ONLY seem to exist where there are White people, They DO NOT Target anyone except White people FOR “racism,” Nor do they Protect White people FROM racism. “Anti-racists” are only satisfied that there’s no “racism” when there’s no white people. It’s genocide. “Anti-racist” is a code word for Anti-White.

    • Hans Moleman says:

      I think your confusing people who don’t like racism with racists. It’s a subtle difference.

      • Ivan says:

        “people who don’t like racism”, which always just happens to be against non-whites.
        “racists”, you’ve just described the “anti-racists”, because they only seem to target the Whites with those mass campaigns of “no discrimination” (wow, dictating much?), and no one else. The Asians are far more racist than the Whites, yet they’re not targeted by these programs. That’s why I say:
        “Anti-racism” is a codeword for Anti-White Racism.

      • Scott K . Ernest says:

        Hans, being intolerant of anything… whether you are intolerant of people, or politics, is still bigotry.

      • Hans Moleman says:

        ‘which always just happens to be against non-whites’
        Racism is applicable to any racial group, not just white people.
        ‘The Asians are far more racist than the Whites’
        Just because you think Asians are racist doesn’t make it ok for you to be racist.

  10. John Thomas Allcock says:

    Tom I find is rather disappointing that you should decide to waste your time on an article about stormfront, particularly as your opinion regarding these folk is one of contempt, and for want of a better word, hate. You accuse them of hate and bigotry, yet you spew those same sentiments back at them. Tell me, how is your hate more justified than the hate you accuse them of? Because you see yours as justified? LOL. Trust me Tom, they feel their sentiments are just as justified.
    Just depends which side of the divide one is standing on, don´t it?

    • Tom Walker says:

      Hi John,

      I don’t think there’s anything particularly hateful about this post, actually. I poke fun at Stormfront, yes, sure, the way I would any other internet forum, and I make it clear that I don’t agree with the views held by the people I’ve screencapped on the site and so on, but I’ve responded to the criticism of my blanket use of the term “White Supremacist” and amendeded that. I don’t hate Stormfront. I disagree with it, sure, and I’m fascinated by it, but I don’t hate it, and I don’t think this post is hateful. Voyeuristic, facetious, sure, but I don’t think it’s hateful.

      I don’t hate Stormfront, I disagree with it and am fascinated by it. I disagree with racial hatred, violence and I agree with multiculturalism.

      • John Thomas Allcock says:

        You know what Tom, I read someone on SF say they don´t hate non-whites and jews, only what they stand for. Sounds awefully like what you are saying regarding racists, don´t you think? At the end of the day, anti racists hate racists, period, much like racists hate non-whites. One can wrap ones sentiments up in fancy wraping with a nice pretty ribbon tied to if for effect, but at the end of the day, it´s still hate. Leave them be Tom. The people who frequent that site are the harmless ones. It´s the active racists who you should concern yourself with. They are simply venting their frustrations, and they are doing it in a peaceful manner, so why not concentrate on what you do best Tom, comedy. Just let them be. Life’s too short mate.

      • Ed says:

        if you are so multicult, why not move to the black ghetto area of any major city? WITHOUT any means of self protection. Those are the people that people like you are trying to push into neighborhoods that dont want them…but the people that do that pushing, I notice they arent willing to take the “multicult” plunge themselves. Either put up or shut up. I once lived in one of those bad areas and I can speak from experience, “multicult” is a death sentence.

      • Sure Tom, and we White Nationalists don’t hate non-Whites, either. We just disagree with and are fascinted by them.

    • Hans Moleman says:

      I think you’ve confused spewing hatred with humorous blog post.

      • John Thomas Allcock says:

        Don´t think so Hans. I know humor when I see it, and I didn´t recognise it in that post. Just sayin.

  11. Tim says:

    Wow Tom, that was really impressive, you got the word ‘racist’ in your post about 50 times in less than ten paragraphs, a new record!

    GO TEAM BRAINWASHED WHITES! You are fool who clearly has no problem with his own race being ethnically cleansed and replaced in the nations they built. Can you imagine for a single second the Chinese, or Japanese, or African of Asian people being happy with that? Can you imagine they would instead attack the people trying to stop this happening?

    You are a seriously, seriously brainwashed young man, its scary. You advocate your own race (who only make up 8% of the worlds population) becoming less and less of an influence and majority in the nations that they founded, created and built.

    Somebody you will realise how right we are, and how completely wrong people like you are. Yet for the time being I’m sure you will continue to call us ‘racists’ and talk of the joys of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ whilst living in your nice white suburb and hanging out with your nice white friends in your nice white locations (as you no doubt do, as all hypocritical liberals do)

    Wake up you fool.

    • Hans Moleman says:

      Tim, your comment on this blog has forced my realization that all my friends of different and mixed ethnic backgrounds are just using my friendship to usurp my privileged white position in society. All my birthday presents are a lie!

      • John Thomas Allcock says:

        Hans, there is no such thing as “white privilege”. In the main, white folk earned what they have through ingenuity, spilt blood, sweat and tears. Yes, I grant you there are blots on the history of the white race, as there are on the history of any race, but in the main, the good has far outweighed the bad. I´m not adverse to sharing what we have with others, only, please refrain from talking about privilege. Nobody is handed privilege like children are handed candy. It´s always earned, more often than not, the hard way. The white race has been at the very forefront of human development over the past 600 years, so lets show some respect to our forefathers and give credit where credit is due. OK?

      • Scott K . Ernest says:

        People that say they have all kinds of friends, are usually the ones spending their birthday alone rubbing the bellies of a dozen cats.

    • Thomas D. Funkenhouser says:

      Just like when you guys mentions :Jews: in every conversation amirite.

      “WN” is nothing but a cult so stop with that ‘brainwashed’ meme. Seriously, SF got all the hallmarks of a cult.

      • Scott K . Ernest says:

        I almost never mention Jews. So, your argument is a straw man. ;)

      • John Thomas Allcock says:

        Thomas, I think if you read through the Stormfront posts without cherry picking, you will find that SF is simply a group of concerned whites expressing their deeply held conviction that the white race is being systematically eradicated. They believe, and with some justification I think it is fair to say, that the ideology of Zionism is the driving force behind the policy of multiculturalism. Personally, while I don´t have a problem with multiculturalism per se, I do recognize the effect it will have on the long term survival of my race, and as such, I oppose it vehemently. To call SF a cult is both inaccurate as well as unjustified. Like all free men, even those branded by the left as “racists”, they have a God given right to be heard, and SF is their platform of choice. Their rights should be respected, because once they are removed they will have no other option but to turn to violence in order to make their voice heard, and I think you will agree, that would be unacceptable for everyone concerned. Tolerance is not just a slogan Thomas, it must also be practiced.

  12. Tom Walker, your xenomania won’t help you become wealthy or successful. So what is the point of this silly article?

    • Tom Walker says:

      Personal interest and fascination with what I don’t understand and subcultures as a whole, really, rather than wealth and fame.

      I can’t emphasise enough just how little I expect wealth and fame to come out of this blog.

  13. Ivan says:

    There are some hateful multicultural supremacists here… I can hear them. I also have a nice time reading and laughing at the comedy that naive White people embracing diversity spew.
    Nonetheless, thanks, Tom Walker, for this blog post. I’m not even registered at Stormfront *yet*, but at least you offer a place to have a more wide discussion between nationalists and multiculturalists. There are supremacists on both sides, so let’s enjoy and have a laugh at each other :D

  14. Call me when we start singing “We Are The World!”

  15. David9884 says:

    “Tim, your comment on this blog has forced my realization that all my friends of different and mixed ethnic backgrounds are just using my friendship to usurp my privileged white position in society. All my birthday presents are a lie!”

    Is that some kind of Argument to counter the fact that white’s are predicted to become minorities in every big white nation before the turn of the next century?

    Whilst at the same time, Asians will still exist, Blacks will still exists, and so will their cultures and nations, there isn’t going to be only ‘coffee colored’ people the world over, there’s just going to be no white people.

    USA now 63% white, was 95+% white 50 years ago

    UK whites predicted to be a minority in 2066, though many believe sooner.

    France already 25% non white, whites predicted to be a minority sooner than the U.K’s 2066 deadline

    Germany, I’m unsure of the figures but I imagine they are similar.

    The rest of Europe has exactly the same immigration ‘policies’.

    please wake up.

    • Jimmyrecard says:

      Wow, I didn’t know these statistics! I began to read your post, and I realised that whites might not make up the majority of some countries!

      Then I did “wake up”, and I wondered – why would that even matter?

      • Ivan says:

        The people that benefited and still benefit the world with their creativity shrinking in their own homelands and not being able to sustain a civilization. The lands that once were virtually crime-free and whose inhabitants produced over 90% of the world’s technological achievements degenerating into a 3rd World cesspool (like they already are) because for some people it “didn’t matter”. The joys of becoming a minority in your own country and still being attacked, discriminated and even killed by the very same minorities you treated well while you were still the majority and had the chance to stand up for the people that are the reason your country is still safe and wealthy in SOME areas.
        I suppose all of that is okay to you.

      • John Thomas Allcock says:

        Jimmy, that´s a good question. Why would it matter indeed? Well, lets see. Imagine for a second here the majority of a given white Christian society was replaced by a majority of Arab Muslims. I think it would be fair to say that within a short period of time the values of that society would be replaced by the values of those taking over. Now, I´m not suggesting there is anything wrong with Arabs or the Muslim faith, but lets face in, their values conflict in many ways with Christian values. They aren´t exactly into things like woman´s rights and democracy and all the things we take for granted. In fact by our standards the culture that would replace ours would be totally alien to us. They also aren´t that great on freedom of speech, religious freedom, freedom of expression, and mostly, good old fashioned tolerance. Are you beginning to see now why it would matter quite considerably, not because they belong to a different race, but because the culture that would engulf us would obliterate practically everything white civilization stand for?
        I hope that helps.

      • Scott K . Ernest says:

        I’m sure it matters to that 12 yo girl murdered for bicycle parts in New Jersey recently. As I am sure it matters to every victim of interracial crime. BTW.. Whites are currently still the majority, yet statistics show we rarely every commit crimes against non-Whites. Yet, non-Whites overwhelmingly choose to victimize us.

        I live in Montana now. Almost no violent crime beyond a drunken bar fight. The worst crimes here are vandalism and drug use.

        I grew up in cities like Flint, Michigan; New Orleans, Louisiana; Pontiac, Michigan; Dayton, Ohio; Tampa, Florida; Orlando, Florida; Lakeland, Florida….

        Can you guess what the violent crime rates are in those cities?
        Can you guess who commits the violent crimes?
        Can you guess who the victims of those violent crimes are?
        Can you guess how many of those violent crimes would still happen if there were only Whites?

        So… What does it matter? Maybe it doesn’t matter to someone that obviously likes living in a shitty society… but for the rest of us? It matters.

        That was the biggest piece of dung comment I have seen in a long time. As if what matters to you is supposed to matter to us all…. Who the fuck are you?

      • Scott K . Ernest says:

        Why are the Muslims of Dearborn, Michigan trying to get laws changed to Sharia? It benefits them. Why does it matter? It benefits them.

      • Belt says:

        Quote: Jimmyrecard says:
        November 1, 2012 at 3:14 pm

        “Wow, I didn’t know these statistics! I began to read your post, and I realised that whites might not make up the majority of some countries!

        Then I did “wake up”, and I wondered – why would that even matter?” /Quote

        Fine. Just to test that position, apply that line of reasoning (if you can call it that) to every other ethnic group (and ethnic/cultural conflict) not just Whites – I dare you. I mean, unless you’ve singled out White people as uniquely undeserving of human rights, presumably you just shrug your shoulders when contemplating:

        -East Timor

        To name just a few. After all, populations get wiped out, displaced and replaced all the time, so what does it matter, right?

        Of course, I very much doubt that any well-meaning liberal would react with anything but horror when confronted with the above examples, and would probably protest most vehemently in support of the rights, safety and security of any indigenous peoples threatened with invasion, dispossession and persecution in their ancestral homelands. Any well-meaning liberal would surely support the right of any minority group to assert and preserve their identity, act in their own best interests, and practice self determination, free from hostile interference.

        ANY group, except White people, naturally. Because they don’t matter. Because they don’t even exist, and therefore have no rights, and no stake in the future. Didn’t you know? Race is a social construct (except when it’s convenient to point out racial differences in order to advance non-whites and demonise White people).

        In short: the sheer hypocrisy, inconsistency and absurd contradictions of political correctness and multiculturism are what led me to abandon that particular religion (for that’s what it amounts to) and led me to recognise my own ethnic interests and embrace White Nationalism, via ‘race realism’. It’s simply a more rational position, backed up by copious evidence (for example, it’s scientifically illiterate to maintain that race, like sex, doesn’t matter). The best that lefties/liberals/so-called-progressives can come up with are appeals to emotion and, when those don’t work, attempts at manipulation through inculcating ‘white guilt’. Failing that, ad hominems such as “RACIST!!!” usually do the trick.

        Tom, I adopted my current position through reason, so I can be reasoned out of it. However, you’ll have to start ADDRESSING THE ARGUMENTS if you want to persuade me that I’m wrong and that you’re right, because simply hurling slurs and strawmen won’t do it, mate.


      • wes says:

        If you are not white you are simply speaking from a privileged perspective, and if you are white you are simply a self hating idiot who doesn’t care about your children, your nieces and nephews etc being abused no matter where they go with no counter movement to stop their suffering.

  16. Scott K . Ernest says:

    This thread is open to all.

  17. Mike Shields says:

    Tom, glad you found Stormfront. It may not be your cup of tea yet, but give it a chance. It is a difficult thing to wash away seven decades of brainwashing by the Synagogue of Satan, and most people won’t bother—at their ultimate peril, but once you go from being Saul to being Paul you will find the enlightenment stunning.

    Most people assume WN’s are a bunch of 60 IQ chicken screwing rednecks and there are certainly some in that demographic. There are also, however, PhD’s and others like myself who have four year degrees or higher. There IS a difference between a racial realist and a racial supremacist.

    Whites currently make up about 10% of the world’s population, but are responsible for 98% of it’s culture, civilization and technology. Consider that in 1607 the first permanent English settlement in America was established by white Europeans. Now consider that less than 400 years later, white Christian Americans developed the technology and infrastructure to put a man on the moon. Asians are excellent at copying technology, while blacks could not even colonize Madagascar. Any area that blacks congregate ultimately becomes a violent third world craphole. Atlanta, Detroit, E. St. Louis, Camden etc…..

    I understand that God could have made me a non-white whose existence consists of rummaging through a trash heap to scavenge my day’s supply of food, but he didn’t, so why should I apologize for being blessed? Why let white guilt ultimately destroy the white race and, consequently, the entire world?

  18. Nod says:

    Tom: You look like a queer.

    • John Thomas Allcock says:

      That is a dumb ignorant statement, if you don´t mind me saying so. It´s also unproductive and hurtful, so why would you make it? Tom is a person who has ideas you, and possibly I, don’t disagree with, but one thing I can guarantee you, you certainly won’t alter his opinions by alluding to his sexual orientation. On the contrary, you might just reinforce them. Thing is, whatever his opinions are, only civil and well structured arguments will convince our white brothers of the need to stand united, because at the end of the day, it´s going to be them and us, no matter which way you look at it.

      • John Thomas Allcock says:

        Instead of writing “…………Tom is a person who has ideas you, and possibly I, don’t disagree with”, I meant to write.”…………..Tom is a person who has ideas you, and possibly I, don’t AGREE with”. Sorry about that.

  19. brentmckaskell says:

    If you want to understand how some of us came to hold their “racial realist” beliefs, read this entertaining novel by white nationalist Ward Kendall. It’s intelligently written and you might enjoy it, even if you ultimately don’t agree with it:

    Hold Back This Day

    • ScarlettOHara says:

      No, one doesn’t have to read “entertaining novels” to understand what a menace non-whites are to white societies. Are you aware of the crime statistics? Or of the racial breakdown of welfare recipients? Do you know that black-on-white violent crime is becoming more prevalent the further away from slavery we get? Ignorant, brainwashed white men like you who run on nonsense and emotion really need to educate yourselves, learn the facts, and begin to think critically. As a white person I do not relish the idea of living outnumbered and surrounded by negroes/mestizos/pakistanis/muslims/asians/etc. You shouldn’t either.

      • Nathan says:

        You and a few others in this blog seem to misunderstand the pitfalls of statistics. Lesson 101 in any social statistics class is correlation does not mean causation; there are many other social and economic factors that cause these statistics.

        If you really want to use these statistics for your argument you need to explain why, for example, african american families having lower incomes would only be a minor reason for the statistics described. FYI income/class have a stronger correlation with crime rates than race.

        If you make the argument that African American’s are generally less capable than whites which is why they earn less then you need to explain how the lack of funding in poor income area’s would not affect this as well as social attitudes towards the groups.

        You say you do not relish being surrounded by Asian’s, and yet they earn more than whites on average and have a much lower crime rate than whites. Where is your logic here? They sound like perfect neighbours!

        So we are clear – Yes I oppose your view and think your brainwashed/ignorant/emotion-driven comment is ironic based on the argument presented, but please elaborate if I over-simplified.

      • Darthkuriboh says:

        You are simplifying things. Look at the broader picture. The African community in the US is supposedly 13% of the population, but commit 85% of violent crime. That’s likely an understatement, as many never get arrested since all they killed/robbed/raped was a white.

        Look at Sweden. 30 years ago they had something like 3 rapes per year on average. Now they are the world leader in rapes commited. This is all by Africans and Muslims. Nobody else. Armed robbery, rape, and murder are all wide spread in Western Europe, when they weren’t prior to “multiculturalism.” In the US, rape, armed robbery, murder, all against whites are up 600% from the era of simple Segregation. There are direct correlations that are often more important than the statistics themselves.

    • ScarlettOHara says:

      Ooops, sorry brentmckaskell. My comment was meant for the brainwashed white dummies, not for fellow racial realist like yourself.

  20. Jason D. says:

    Hey Tom, I live in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. You should fly over here (we’ve got a great international airport), and then I’ll take you up into the Arch, and show you the city. Find you a nice gay bar, where you can hang out, and make little “heart hands” and have a good time. I’ll come back and get you around 2 a.m., or whenever the gay bar closes, and then I’ll drop you off in East St. Louis, where you can also make your “heart hands,” and I’m just certain have another great time with the other like-minded people you are sure to find there. Come on over, it will be fun.

    • Scott K . Ernest says:

      Some other great tours are the abandoned streets of Detroit. Bar-hopping in Camden. Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans.

      That last one would include threats of death to every White man there but me. Of course, from experience I know they would tell me ‘Yo buddy gonna die!” The reason is I grew up in ghetto and know how to handle myself. Most liberals do not… and I am going to guess a liberal from Sydney, even less so.

    • Scott K . Ernest says:

      Hel, another good visit would be my birth city of Flint, Michigan… Murder Capital of the United States.

    • Tom Walker says:

      Well Jason my main question to you is what differentiates a GREAT international airport from a GOOD international airport

      If this is a long post about you volunteering to make heart hands with me then you don’t have to be so coy you big lummox you

      • Scott K . Ernest says:

        My hometown of Flint has a great airport. But it is the murder capital of the US. When I was a travel agent I would tell people that yes, they were safe at the airport… but the need to leave town ASaP.

      • Jason D says:

        This is a great airport, because it is in “diversity land.” Disney for a guy like you. I’ll make heart hands with you, you bet. But, you also have to make heart hands with me, and I get to pick where. I just want to educate you. If you don’t want to explore “gay St. Louie” it ain’t no skin off me. Geeze, try to be nice….Point is Mjodr and myself grew up in hoods, if you will, and we only want you to enjoy the fun as well. You need enriching.

  21. Adam says:

    I’ve only just found Stormfront through this blog. It’s nothing like I expected. I’m actually considering joining as I’ve been concerned with the plight of my race for awhile now. It shouldn’t be “racist” or “ignorant” or “bigoted” to be opposed to government plans to swamp your communities with people who look and act nothing like you. My neighbourhood has been destroyed by multi-culturalism and according to this biased article, I’m “hateful” for recognizing it and wanting no part of it. Other races are allowed to be concerned about their race, why can’t I as a White man?

    • Scott K . Ernest says:

      You’d be very welcome, Adam.

    • Donn says:

      Welcome to Stormfront.

    • Belt says:

      Quote: “Adam says:
      November 1, 2012 at 7:48 pm

      …Other races are allowed to be concerned about their race, why can’t I as a White man?” /Quote


      You’ve identified the glaring double standard that starts most Whites scratching their heads and, hopefully, leads many of them to opening their eyes as well.

      As you’ve noticed, Stormfront is NOT about hate of ‘the other’, it’s principally concerned with love of one’s own. Something which Tom might’ve realised, had he read the forum in anything but a superficial manner.

      Welcome aboard, we’re not what they say we are.

    • Darthkuriboh says:

      Welcome Adam, we’re always glad to have new members!

      • Bennett says:

        “Not exactly bralliint wit. No offense, if that’s you.Well, if it’s matter of taking sides, I hope you remain content with “RAMA DAMA, I WANNA HOT MAMMA!!!”If that’s you.”Uh, no. Not me. And y’all kiddies are still missing the point.The funny (FUnnie) parts are what you write. The stuff straight out of DU.As for ramma dama whatever, well, it ain’t exactly the height of wit, but at least he didn’t crib it from a joke we all heard in third grade and from an admittedly fine Steve Martin movie.If you honestly don’t think the threads at DU are funny, well, you’re humorless or you’re liberal (okay, so they’re synonymous). Most sane grown-ups couldn’t help but laugh at all that emo angst.PJ just does the work of finding the good bits.Also, his dog is named Shithead.

  22. Realist says:

    Mr Walker you accuse the Stormfronter – If I may call them so- as “racists” yet you fail to explain why. In my eyes these are people who dont like the unlimited mass immigration into Europe and America. And the numbers support their position.

    In 1950 less than 50 000 blacks lived in all of Europe now the number is up to some 5 million
    THe muslim population of Europe in 1950 was around 5 million – now by now it has skyrocketed to over 50 million.

    Do you find this good and normal?

    The migration of the Germanic triebes destroyed Rome – and thouse were perhaps one or two million

  23. Scott K . Ernest says:

    The mods changed the thread title, but I guess it doesn’t change the title in your ping back.

  24. TONY SOPRANO says:

    Actually whites wish to separate themselves from non-whites.We know how we oppress non-whites and wish tom see them bloom. The fact is anti-racism is about corporate greed.Its about open borders,cheap labor and the dream of building a Walmart in Tibet. Traditional cultures will be tainted and ruined but who cares. Profits must be made.

  25. Jed says:

    So can someone explain to me what it is that the Jews are doing? SF is really hard to navigate and I have heard many differing version. Can someone just give me the plain and simple?

    • Scott K . Ernest says:

      Their current kick is piracy on the high seas of the Mediterranean… arr, matey! You bes not bringin’ much needed supplies to the Palestinians, matey! Aarr! They be fine in their cages, arr!

    • John Thomas Allcock says:

      Jed, trying to explain the unwanted influence the Jewish Zionist cabal have on white countries (please remember, they have their own country now) would take up far too much space on this blog, so I suggest you follow the link I´ve supplied and take the time to read a very good article which clearly lays out the zionist agenda. Thank you.

  26. Darthkuriboh says:

    Thank you for adjusting your post to mention white nationalists instead of just supremacy. Yes, there are supremacists, as well as white nationalists. Most of us are WN’s, and we’re fighting for something that the liberal left can’t stand the idea of: The survival of our race. The white race is roughly around 8% of the world’s population and dropping. It’s dropping because, unlike the third world invaders that are entering our countries unwanted, we do not have 10-15 children and demand the government support them. Many whites have 1-2 children, and I’ve talked to a few that have 3-4, but that’s about the highest it goes. We’re responsible in how we have children, and we don’t have more than we can reasonably support. We are being outbred and brutalized in our own countries, and that is what White Nationalism exists for: To save our people from the rapes, murders, assaults, and general genocide that our people are facing.

    With that being said, there’s also the idea of culture. White people do not have one distinct culture. Instead, we are British, Italian, French, German, or Greek. We are Ukranian, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch. We are many things. We have blue eyes, green eyes, occasionally brown eyes. We have red hair, blonde hair, black hair, brown hair. We have pale white skin all the way to fairly dark and olive tinged. The white race is the ultimate celebration of diversity, because we are so diverse in our looks, our cultures, our ways of living.

    Did you know that white civilization is the mainstay of this world? We have the only true civilizations in the history of the earth. This is because white people invented many things, from irrigation to indoor plumbing, to electricity, to the computer you’re using to attack us. White people have a fierce independent streak, which is why we’ve been subjected to years and years of brainwashing and indoctrination, from childhood in grade school and television, to adulthood with many very discriminatory actions. A recent example of this is the movie Thor, where Heimdal, the whitest of the Nordic Gods, had to be played by a black man. Another example is a black man playing Lancelot Du Lac in “Once Upon a Time.” This is purely white culture, and it is being stolen to attempt to force diversification and multiculturalism on Europe.

    This is genocide. It is genocide of our cultures, of our beliefs, and of our history and way of life. It has to stop somewhere, and that’s what we’re going to do. Stop it.

    • Catriona says:

      I’m sorry -truly- to interject at this point, but I think that it is simplistic to say that ‘white civilization’ is the only true civilization in the history of the earth. “Civilization” as a term is itself a big enough controversy to prevent easy application and it is certainly not limited to ‘white culture’ -which as you said is itself incredibly diverse- nor is the present point an apex of achievement in evolution.

      If you’re interested in archaeology or (I guess more specifically) ethnology there are a lot of sources available. The clearest one for me to cite for this point would be V. Gordon Childe’s ‘Urban Revolution’ which offers a list of 10 ‘traits’ to demonstrate the change from agricultural villages to state-level, urban societies.

      The principles of it remain the same today and if you apply it to ancient cultures such as the Longshan, Indus, Dilmun, Mesopotamian and Shang Dynasty socieites (to name really just a couple) it’s clear that all are definable as ‘civilzations’ many of whom were genetically very diverse. Indeed, Archaeogenetics are now suggesting that the Ancient Sumerians (credited with the initial application of irrigation techniques) are not the ancestors of present day Caucasian populations, and that these later peoples are in fact from neighbouring nomadic communities who travelled and settled there at a much later date.

      Actually, this would probably have been easier for me to understand if you made it clear what you deemed ‘white civilization’. I tried looking around your website but there wasn’t anything terribly specific that didn’t clash almost immediately with the archaeological record. There is no single definition of ‘civilization’ that can be made to fit only ‘white’ people short of claiming that to form a civilization your only criteria is to be white.

      If you are as interested in preserving your culture as you say you are, I think you should probably do some closer study into the development of it. It’s an extremely interesting and rewarding field and while I don’t know that it will change your mind on any philosophical or political areas that we disagree on, I do think that it would offer you some new information. I know that this post is essentially nitpicking but I don’t feel that it’s something that you can afford to make broad generalisations of in arguments such as this.

      • Scott K . Ernest says:

        Ethnology? Don’t you mean SocioCultural Anthropology? At least that is what we call it in actual college at the College of Anthropology in the University of Missoula-Montana…. you also used the term archaeology the wrong way. But, hey… That is only one of the best anthropological schools around, what do they know? ;)

        But I agree. There are many civilizations.

        Basically, I think you had a good post, but I just had to nitpick about that. Generally, when you correct someone, you should make sure you are correct in your correction.

      • Darthkuriboh says:

        Actually, you’re not sorry, and if I posted something that wasn’t to the nth point of correct, you shouldn’t be. I research heavily and if I missed something, I missed something. It happens, as nobody is perfect.

        I will say this: Most of the cultures you mentioned were not only not genetically diverse, (an example of this can be found where all of them had/have brown hair and brown eyes with brown skin and nothing else), while images of babylonians that have been found (primitive paintings and such) show them to be very caucasoid. Much like the rulers of civilized Egypt, the actual archaeology images show them to have strong, white features.

        The Shang dynasty lasted 588 years. That’s a long time, but what exact technological innovations did the Chinese make under the Shang, that the we didn’t already have in what came to be known as Europe?

        The Indus valley had many tribalist cultures, but only 2 civilizations until the Persians: Babylonian Empire and Assyrian Empire, both of which look almost exactly like what an Italian or Greek looks like now a days. Black hair, slightly darker skin due to hotter temperatures, and either brown or blue eyes. Like I said, white people are the most diverse people in the world. We do have brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Red hair, brown hair, black hair, blonde hair. The difference between us and every other race is that we ARE diverse. When whites breed with non-whites, it destroys diversity, because the progeny of miscegeny is always brown/brown/brown with brown facial features and brown intellect and temperament.

  27. Catriona says:

    Scott K . Ernest: No, I meant ethnology because I wanted to be specific about which branch of social anthropology I was talking about. I don’t think I did misuse archaeology; what I was discussing was the study of human activity in the past.
    I admire your college, but with respect, my university is also internationally well known and received and we separate archaeology from contemporary anthropological study so perhaps the terms are different in the US?

    Darthkuriboh: you’re right, hedging is a terrible habit that I’ve had pushed on me at uni and I need to stop playing to it.
    Thank you for clarifying for me what you meant. I think that you and I have been looking at different artefacts because I resolutely disagree that the early Egyptians were definitely white. There’s too much controversy surrounding the subject to have clarity and the things like Frank Yurco’s DNA tests suggest a very high genetic relationship between the ancient and modern inhabitants of the area.

    Further, to call the Harappan Civilization a ‘tribalist culture’ instead of one of the earliest urban civilizations is to ignore its contextual importance as one of the largest stretching civilizations and most influential cultures of the Bronze Age.

    More to the point though, I’m not going to try to persuade you of my feelings about comparisons of worthiness between civilizations, I don’t think either of us would be resolved to it.
    The point that you stated that I disagreed with was that there has only been one civilization in history when that clearly is not the case.

    • Scott K . Ernest says:

      Archaeology is it’s own form of anthropology, true.

      But ethnology is a term that isn’t even used here. Maybe just there. I admit, it could be just your school’s variation of sociocultural.

      Nearly all cultures are tribalist cultures. You don’t even have a culture unless a group, or tribe, developes it.

      Hel, even this globalist culture is a “tribal” culture. The gobalists are a tribe of their own. They are a tribe based on beliefs and not genetics.

      Also, tribalist does not mean there is no civilization. Look at inner cities. They are civilization, but then you have the various gangs being formed, which is a very tribal aspect. It has been that way in every civilization throughout history. The Mayans, for example, were not a single cohesive tribe. The tribes, and cities, we’re competitive.

      Tribalism is human nature.

    • Scott K . Ernest says:

      Also, yes.. there is a link between current and past Egyptians, because most Semites (like modern Egyptians) have very mixed blood. So, the Whites in the area mixed with the non-Whites of the area. No matter which ancient group you use, you will find a link.

      That said, that also mean that both White Egyptians and those particular non-White Egyptians are now extinct, and in their places is the modern Egyptians. Two dead ethnic groups, leaving a single group not like either one. That is the opposite of diversity… but that is what is pawned off as diversity… the melting pot.

    • Manoj says:

      >>>Wow, thats a long fucking post. You must be relaly upset. Maybe you better pull away from the computer for a while and take a deep breath. Dude, the poverty rate has skyrocketed under Bush, wages have gone down, crime us up and Congress’s approval rating sucks because America wants them to stand up to Bush and get us out of Iraq. I think they suck too!Again, DUmmies, we deal in reality here. Tell yourself whatever it takes to hold on to such stupid positons at the DUmp, but it won’t fly here. The poverty rates for families is lower than average for the last 25 years. As for wanting to get us out of Iraq, surely you know that there is nothing Congress can do about that unless they cut funding. Let them do that and see how long it takes before Congress’s rating is lower than the Margin of Error.

  28. Catriona says:

    All of that aside, it was interesting to read your responses, so I think I shall do more research into the specifics of them. Hope you’re both well

  29. Scott K . Ernest says:

    Come on, part 2!

    You know, there is a long Skyrim thread you can mine for ideas….

  30. Bepo says:

    So Tom, given the challenges Whites face today, from warlike levels of rape and murder courtesy of Blacks, to campaigns of ethnic cleansing across Europe, courtesy of large, multinational organizations, what is the proper response for Whites? Clearly these Stormfront trash are the biggest fools on the planet and therefore resistance to these things is not good.

    • jenny says:

      It’s horrible here in Scandinavia. In Norway all rapes were committed by non-norwegians this year. The government won’t let us defend our people like the viking did but to sing kumbayah with them and let the police handle it. Eyeroll!
      I get called whore and get suggestions from young muslim men in my capital, they can have pride of their ethnicity and of their religions but we are ridiculed.
      I used to be pretty liberal girl and nice to everyone. Now i look carefully who i mix with.

      I have also learnt from Stormfront more about my fellow europeans and neighboring countries that I ever did in school or even tv. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of people and their cultures and traditions. From Latvians to Greek.

      • Truman says:

        This is one thing I like about Stormfront. I’m not a member, but when it comes to news or anything, I go there. Stormfront has members from all over the Western world and it therefore gives me a first hand insight to how Multiculturalism is affecting White people in other nations. You’ll never hear anything overly negative about Multiculturalism in the mainstream media, which is why I get my news and global opinions elsewhere; Stormfront being one of them, news and opinion blogs being among the others.

  31. Africa for the Africans. Asia for the Asians. White countries – For everybody.

    We are told there is this RACE problem, We are told this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realise I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?
    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  32. Moshe says:

    Crispin Crisp says:
    November 4, 2012 at 2:24 am
    “I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem”

    phraaasing! Or are you in denial too.

    • Truman says:

      I think you’ve missed his point entirely, Shlomo…

      • Moshe says:

        Yeah, sorry, I just felt like taking a blind shot. I just don’t understand what these “White nationalists are on about. What is white? Anglo-saxon? Aryan? European? Anyone with white skin (so long as they’re not :god forbid: asian, and MOST CERTAINLY not jewish, and how about those mud-blooded colonialists in south america/africa, anywhere… And how is american society being fucked up any indictment of multiculturalism? And honestly, modern europe has only recently decided to stop fucking each other in their respective arses and respect each other’s borders, and those borders they do have are the result of war, not peaceful civilizations. And so what if WHITES (again, what the fuck does that mean?) make up only 10% of the population?? Sure you came up with nukes and modern warfare, the jews came up with communism AND capitalism, so who gives a shit? The 21st century has hardly begun, but some people have set their minds to isolation. What the fuck is nationalism anyway? I live in Australia. The entire fucking country was stolen over 200 years ago from the original inhabitants, who were slaughtered and their families torn apart. And how was america founded? Oh, some young, rosy cheeked motherfuckers brought flowers over for all the natives, kindly asked for their country, then proceeded to enrich their lives through the virtues of smith, wesson, and cheap liquor. Fuck it, I’m too drunk to keep talking shit. WHITE POWER

      • John Thomas Allcock says:

        Well, moshe, if you weren´t a stinking kyke, them maybe you would know what being white means. Think of it this way. It´s like being a kyke, only infinitely better. Get it now? LOL.

  33. Moshe says:

    Ha! You’re alright. No matter how hard I scrub, I can’t get the stink of barbecued gentile infant of my little schmuck.

    • Darthkuriboh says:

      Just remember “Moshe,” the more you overreact the more we know we’re hitting a nerve with the truth. The fact of the matter is, you’re too low on the totem pole to know what’s going on. Zionists out of Israel are the problem. The Rothschild family, the Silversmiths, Goldsteins, et al are the problems. They own the world’s major media, the banks, the central banking aparatus in the US, and they control the EU. They force immigration policies into Europe and the US through blackmail and extortion when straight out bribes don’t work. They threaten peoples lives if they don’t get what they want. They ARE attempting to destroy the white race, and now we have to stop them. You can either be on their side or you can be standing in the end. Your choice.

      • Carlo says:

        Darthkuriboh says:
        November 17, 2012 at 4:35 am

        “Just remember “Moshe,” the more you overreact the more we know we’re hitting a nerve with the truth.”

        The same could be said of almost every argument that has been made here in defence of Stormfront, white nationalism etc. For all of the self-aggrandising for white nationalism, I am glad that it remains and will doubtless continue to remain as only a curiosity on the outskirts of social discourse. There is nothing wrong with being a patriot, nor to be proud of one’s cultural heritage or the achievements of ones race, regardless of what country, culture or race that you are a part of. If you are proud of your “whiteness” that’s great. As soon as you decide that this pride is under threat and that it needs protection, or that for some reason, your race is greater than another, then you allow yourself to be manipulated by fear. Fear is the cornerstone of racism, just as it is the cornerstone of nationalism. Statements like this;

        Darthkuriboh says:
        November 17, 2012 at 4:35 am
        “they ARE attempting to destroy the white race, and now we have to stop them”

        betray that fear to public spectacle.

        It’s fine being proud of being white. But what is white? What is the “white culture” that you are protecting? Is the Highland Culture of Poland as significant to your life as Sami joiking from Northern Norway? Is the Irish language as important to you as the Appalacian Hills Dialekt of the United States? The point is, there is no “white” culture of the world. There is just an arbitrary distinction based on the level of melanin in someone’s skin and if you’re going to defend everyone who has a melanin level of 62 to 69 then you will have to take a stance against a lot of people who are also themselves “white”. The Sami people have been oppressed by the Norwegians for hundreds of years, just as the Appalacian Hills Dialect is dying because of the influence of Mid-Western American English. So whose culture do we defend? I would love to preserve the Sami language but in taking a stance against the Norwegian government, would I be attempting to destroy the white race? If I don’t defend them though, am I also standing by while the whites wipe out the white race?

        It’s a tricky situation.

  34. Darthkuriboh says:


    I’m waiting for part 2 still

  35. Pingback: STORMFRONT, pt. 2 – “he’s a faggy Geek Boi, that will eventually be slaughtered by negroes” | TOM WALKER IS GOOD (and so are you)

  36. Moshe says:

    Ah, Darthkuriboh, You’re right. We really don’t like whites.

    • John Thomas Allcock says:

      Now there Moshe, that wasn´t so hard, was it? For once in your miserable existence you have told the truth. Well done.

  37. Max R says:

    Anyone else here sick to their gut of the hate that Nationalism has conjured on this planet?
    Anyone else ready to throw out the – actually not that old – concept of nation-states?

    There will, hopefully, in a not-too-distant future be no such thing as borders or countries and one global community full of people with skin colour ranging the entire colour spectrum from Seal to Seal’s teeth (to quote a great contemporary sit-com).

    I thoroughly enjoyed this comedic blog post, but was sad to see that the humour was lost on a vast majority of people commenting.

    Hopefully we will not see the EU becomming the Fourth Reich / Fort Europa.
    Hopefully we will see the fall of Capitalism and rise of the Bitchun Society before our kids grow old.
    Hopefully Stormfront will die off as people of this world become more educated and less ignorant.

    Until then, all we can do is hope! (And educate our fellow humans!)


    • Truman says:

      “Anyone else here sick to their gut of the hate that Nationalism has conjured on this planet?”

      I’m kind of sick of the overall hatred our PC Marxist society has conjured up towards Whites. In fact, most of the hatred doesn’t come from Nationalism, it comes from bigoted Liberals and intolerant Marxists.

      “Anyone else ready to throw out the – actually not that old – concept of nation-states?”

      You sound like a Trotskyite. Are you?

      “There will, hopefully, in a not-too-distant future be no such thing as borders or countries and one global community full of people with skin colour ranging the entire colour spectrum from Seal to Seal’s teeth (to quote a great contemporary sit-com).”

      Yes, you’re a Trotskyite. Are you also a member of the Socialist Alternative? If you want a global community with no borders, that would also flooding all and only Asian countries with non-Asians in order to create a ‘blended humanity’. Currently, that isn’t happening. It’s only happening to White countries.

      “I thoroughly enjoyed this comedic blog post, but was sad to see that the humour was lost on a vast majority of people commenting.”

      Yes, the Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

      “Hopefully we will not see the EU becomming the Fourth Reich / Fort Europa.
      Hopefully we will see the fall of Capitalism and rise of the Bitchun Society before our kids grow old.”

      No going to happen sadly.

      “Hopefully Stormfront will die off as people of this world become more educated and less ignorant.”

      Ad Hominem.

      “Until then, all we can do is hope! (And educate our fellow humans!)”

      Educate all you want. You cannot erase thousands of years of tribal thinking and ‘human nature’. But go ahead and try, I’ll be watching and laughing when it backfires and come crashing down, like it’s already starting to. :)


      ‘True’ peace,

  38. WhiteRabbit says:

    In the 1960′s “Anti-racists” forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigration. Then “Anti-racists” forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowanttokill6millionjews.” Now “Anti-racists” are calculating that ALL and ONLY white children will become minorities and eventually EXTINCT. If “Anti-racists” did this to ALL and ONLY black countries, it would be called a genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  39. Icecut2 says:

    ‘The goal of abolishing the Black race is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed Black supremacists.’

    ‘The key to abolishing the social problems of our age is to abolish the Black race’.

    Sounds like something right out of the KKK handbook, doesn’t it Tom. That’s the kind of evil racism one would expect to find on Stormfront. Something that the evilnaziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews would say in favor of Aryan supremacy. Well, Tommy, if you change the word ‘Black’ to ‘White’ you will have a direct quote from Harvard professor Dr. Noel Ignatiev. However, since Ignatiev is a Jew and he was actually talking about eliminating the White race, I’m sure that (heh, heh) there’s really no harm, no foul and it can’t be real racism. After all, nobody, especially Jews, can be real racists. Only White people can be REAL racists.

  40. Moshe says:

    “When we say we want to abolish the white race, we do not mean we want to exterminate people with fair skin. We mean that we want to do away with the social meaning of skin color, thereby abolishing the white race as a social category. Consider this parallel: To be against royalty does not mean wanting to kill the king. It means wanting to do away with crowns, thrones, titles, and the privileges attached to them. In our view, whiteness has a lot in common with royalty: they are both social formations that carry unearned advantages.”
    - Dr. Noel Ignatiev

    You’ve blatantly quoted out of context icecut2. But whatever hey? Where are you from, to be so white?

    • Icecut2 says:

      No, its not out of context. What you quote is Ignatiev’s response to being called on his genocidal comment. He had to do some back pedaling. Here’s another such famous quote for you.

      Susan Rosenblatt, a.k.a. Susan Sontag, a prize winning Jewess, wrote in the “Partisan Review”, “Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Balanchine, et al. don’t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The White race is the cancer of human history”.

      So, Moshe, why don’t you just substitute ‘Jew’ or ‘Jewish’ in Ignatiev’s or Sontag’s rantings about White people and see how it looks. But whatever hey? Where are you from, to be so Jewey?

  41. Max R says:

    I don’t agree with any one ideology strongly enough to call myself anything-ite/ist.

    I have gone to two Socialist Alliance meetings but realised that they carry the same binary world view as most Nationalists/Patriots namely: “We are right – They are wrong”

    With the “… Stormfront die off…” comment I did not mean any members of said forum, I meant the forum itself or to put it in other terms the internet traffic to said domain name.

    In reply to your comment about Asian countries needing to open up their borders too, I completely agree: as I said I don’t believe in borders.

    In reply to many comments above blaming the “Jewish run media/banks/etc” that’s a gross oversimplification about as accurate as calling Milton Friedman a communist just because the Chinese oligarchy/government has implemented his economic policies in certain cities/zones in China. (Not at all that is)

    I believe the root of many problems, not all, in the world stem from representative governing be it one, two or many party systems.

    I believe many problems come from there still being classes, in a perfect world there would be no proletariat neither a governing class.

    I believe in education, e-democracy and co-operation. I believe in mandatory travelling; everyone should not only visit other countries but do live there and assimilate into – not next to, or on top of – other cultures.

    In reply to your comment on tribal thinking, I believe that tribal thinking is a good thing. It’s what brought us together in the first place. One of the problems today is the ridiculous obsession with greed and individualism.
    Don’t get me wrong, I believe in every human’s right to be whatever & whoever she likes to be – so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.
    But the notion that you have to step on other people to get to the top goes against that human nature and has a detrimental effect on society as a whole.

    As an ending to my final post here (I do have other things to do than conversing on the internet, I’m sure you do to) I would like to recommend a TED talk titled “Religion, evolution and the ecstasy of self-transcendence” where Jonathan Haidt discusses amongst other things this tribal origin of our species.
    If you don’t have the time for the 15min TED talk here is a link to the 3min summary he does at the end:

    Peace, indeed.

  42. IamBlack says:

    I also have a strange fascination with SF. It’s mostly for the lulz, but I do actually come across some interesting articles there. The posters, though, are obviously not very self aware. The forum is filled with irony. I guess I’m a Black person obsessed with a White forum obsessed with Black people (and Jews, of course.)

    • Hatmanone says:

      “lulz”? Good lord…. Anyway, what exactly do you find funny and ironic about the forum? To me it sounds like you’re just insulting the forum and it’s members rather than challenging it on ideological grounds.

  43. Anonymous says:

    just heard about this stormfront,I have to say I have no problem with it…I can understand how it is offensive to non-whites,but as a european guy , obviously it doesn’t bother me at all

  44. The Space Between the Stars says:

    In the end I think WN are fighting a war that isn’t even happening. No one intentionally wants to destroy the white race and neither is it being destroyed. These arguments seem to be founded of the belief that the government and ‘white traitors’ especially and non-white people purposefully want to eradicate a group of people of which they are the majority [government and 'white traitors']. Seem a bit dumb no? Wouldn’t this point to the stance that when the Gov’t imposed affirmative action and other such programs it was being done to right past ills, at least to an extent?
    I like to think of myself as an open-minded person who considers another persons position, difficulties and advantages to the best of my ability so as to make an informed choice and form an informed opinion. Granted I mess-up but I always try again. If I, an 18 year old girl, can try to understand, surly grown women and grown men such as yourselves [WN] can try as well.

    P.S. I thought i was the only black person fascinated by Stormfront!
    @Hatmanone I don’t think Iamblack was ridiculing your site. It’s just really funny. For various reasons. That may or may not have something to do with irony.
    P.S.S. I also make use of the term “lulz” it’s just internet/text speak, not a sign of whatever indication of whatever lowness “Good lord” was meant to imply and you forgot to capitalize Lord. Not so nice to be nitpicked at is it?

  45. blah blah says:

    Stormfront is the stupidest site in the history of the internet. Most retards on stormfront say that Jews aren’t white, but their genetic brothers the Greeks and Italians are?? Basically the most nordic person on earth, if they are jewish are considered non white, by the so-called white nationalists on stormfront.
    The imbecilic “logic” of stormfront posters proves that they are ALL sub-humans. I say all stormfront members aren’t white!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Love requires hate

  47. vfdfgvfd says:

    White women need to be butt fked real good. MMMM;)

  48. Tom Walker says:

    Are you… are you a spambot


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