Hackers You Need To Know: th3 j35st3r

UPDATE: an hour ago someone called The Jester commented on this post saying it was very interesting and that I should write professionally (click here to see it). My initial reaction was that this was a pretty sweet burn from a troll: the username linked back to The Jester’s blog and had the email address “Yourkiddingright@fsdfs9742.com“; I invited him to talk on Twitter anyway. Then this happened:

photo (1)


photo (2)

Someone had sent The Jester my post and he’d read it and liked it. We exchanged DMs for about an hour. I asked him a handful of questions, then we said “stay frosty” to each other and headed off. As a result, I’ve made a quick (clearly flagged) update to the body of the piece regarding Tyrkoil and longer notes down below.

It was really nice to talk to The Jester. His reaction to the allegations I’ve compiled here was “folks do like to speculate a bit [...] The muddier the waters, the better for me eh?” which I find a pretty all-purpose “just as planned” puppetmaster reaction.

Thanks to The Jester for taking time out of his day to chat to me.

Everyone’s tough on the internet. That’s bound to happen when everyone’s anonymous (and when anyone’s Anonymous), but the amount of posturing and dick-waggling that goes on between hackers is even worse than you’d expect. One man has attracted enough rage to fuel several fruitless crusades against him by hackers who hate his agenda, what he claims to stand for and his public, crowed-from-the-rooftops success. He’s now in his third, unchecked year of hacktivism. That man’s name is th3j35t3r, which from here will be typed as “The Jester” because I am not thirteen years old.

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STORMFRONT, pt. 2 – “he’s a faggy Geek Boi, that will eventually be slaughtered by negroes”

At least we both agree it’s a shame, Stormfront.

This is going to be a weird one.

My first post about Stormfront was picked up by Stormfront itself in 11 hours. The topic was initially called “Some retard named Tom Walker”; The bulk of the anger came from my referring to the forum as “White Supremacist” rather than the more accurate “White Nationalist” (think “all spaghetti is pasta, not all pasta is spaghetti”): once I’d corrected that, the topic’s name was eventually ameliorated to “A nobody named Tom Walker”.

That is far more accurate, but it doesn’t change the material inside.

“A nobody named Tom Walker” currently stands at 16 pages. In it I am described as “a classic race traitor”, “a confused ethnophobe and xenomaniac”, “100% mangina” (I am in fact a delicious mangina concentrate), “Mr Wanker” and, my favourite, “oversocialized, feminine and alienated” which is a ready-made show title come Sydney Comedy Festival time. It’s all predictably nasty: I can’t have any racial slurs against me because, y’know, white guy, but I’m brainwashed, weak-willed, stupid and, more often than not, gay.

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STORMFRONT, The World’s Largest White Nationalist Forum

UPDATE: I posted this blog post at ~11 a.m. today, 1/11/2012, and by ~10 pm it had been posted on Stormfront’s “Newslinks and Articles” forum. The main objection seems to be that I called them “White Supremacists” rather than “White Nationalists” (it’s in inverted commas in the thread’s title); in the post I’ve changed all references to White Supremacists to White Nationalists, which is what Stormfront bills itself as. This change is a considered one: mainly because I don’t want to be accused of representing Stormfront falsely.

There are supremacists, separatists, and, as far as I can see, as many different views as there are members on Stormfront. My post made it seem as if it was all White Supremacists. This change is done more from journalistic concern rather than a concern about offending the users of Stormfront.

I definitely spent more time on this than I did any other aspect of this blog post

We should talk about Stormfront.

When I was eight I desperately wanted an ant farm. I wanted to watch a society function in mugshot profile, see its secrets laid out in front of me, wanted to be able to look through glass and think “ah-ha, ants, this is where you keep your eggs” and “oh-ho, ants, this is why you hate the Jews”.

This is artlessly analogous to my fascination with the world’s largest White Nationalist website. Especially the business with the Jews.

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Today there was a 24 Hour Comedy Gig as part of USyd’s Verge Festival.

We had one goal for 5-6 am: to call no. 1 Australian broadcaster Alan Jones and, from a relatively normal conversation base, immediately accuse Julia Gillard and the Labor Party of being literal robots. Not out of touch or emotionless politician robots: the most literal robots imaginable. Asimov robots, Lost In Space robots, hologram-projectin’, human-killin’, girder-bendin’ robots.

Julia Gillard is a robot like these and maybe she is one of these robots or all of these robots #auspol

We started calling in as soon as we thought Alan’s lines opened: 5:30 a.m. Ciaran chose to go in au naturale as “Ciaran from Newtown”, while I chose to go in as “Alan from Parramatta”, guessing that two Newtown callers would get us pulled up. Ciaran’s cover was sounding halting, awkward and British, mine was that I wanted to talk to Alan and tell him he was the best and a true-blue mate. After hundreds of failed calls and constant redialling from our fucking incredible audience, we got on the air and you can listen to the in-gig recording here on SoundCloud:

So then shit gets weird.

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Blatant, misleading sexism: HOT OR NOT?


This is the result of two artists being promised a cover shoot to promote their fringe shows.

Thoughts below. Spoiler Warning: it’s heaps fucked.

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I’m going to the National Young Writer’s Festival: doing some workshops, sitting on a panel, hosting a trivia night and hopefully getting a story of mine recorded. If you’re there, come say hi! If you’re not, here is why Festival co-director and friend Ben Jenkins will be icing me out like we just broke up.

I don’t like interviews. I find my mouth running away from my brain and the part of my id that stores words like “liminal” and “preposterous” lights up and starts firing pretension on all cylinders. Email interviews are even worse because they give me enough time to figure out how be a very specific awful to very specific, lovely, talented people.


I think what worries me the most is that I didn’t think about this, even for a second. I didn’t see the question as I scrolled down. As soon as it popped up, my fingers flew to this very specific lie. It just seemed natural, going through the interview, to accuse my friend of pooping his pants on the website he’d made for the artistic festival he’d co-directed. I don’t know why I did this.

I think I might have a problem.

Sorry Ben! Thanks for the opportunity to slander you publically and uh, meet people whose work I admire, like you, in a context I usually wouldn’t have access to.

I promise I won’t make this worse by listing search terms like Ben Jenkins Sydney Comedian Chaser National Young Writer’s Festival Australian Comedian Writer Storyteller 2012 Pants Poop Director Project 52 Scandal Kim Kardashian Kanye West iPhone 5 Hamster Wheel Michael Hing Can of Worms.

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Sydney comedian and awesome dude Michael Hing was just on Can Of Worms, a Channel 10 panel show that he apparently performed impeccably on. I don’t know. I don’t have a working TV. It’s no surprise that he’d do great, he’s the funniest, smartest person I know. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY he’s the most insecure and anxious person I know and Can of Worms got him so many compliments that he overloaded his social niceties chip.

Go see his Fringe show (http://goo.gl/Dgp) and read all these.



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